Speaking Engagements

Kendra is willing to speak to parents, educators, students, at community groups and conferences.

Sample Topics for Presentations

  • Media Literacy and its Critical Need for Education in Youth
  • Social Media and its Power to Create Movements, Revolutions and Create Communities
  • Eating Disorders, Body Image and Size Acceptance
  • Mental Health Activism: Twitter, Facebook, Social Media Chats
  • Personal Empowerment, Acceptance and Self Love
  • From Recovery to Life: Finding and Using Your Authentic Voice
  • The Power of Coaching and Mentorship in Recovery
  • Being the Change: How to Create Changes in Your Community

All presentations are research based, as well as based on personal life experience which is easy to connect with a diverse range of audience members. Presentations can be customized to the client’s need.

How to Schedule

If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement, please contact Kendra or call directly at VoiceinRecovery@gmail.com or call (617) 834-5520.