About Me

I am an eating disorder and body image advocate. I also advocate for awareness of co-morbidities in eating disorders, substance abuse and self harm. I am in recovery from numerous eating disorders, substance abuse struggles, as well as self harming. I started Voice in Recovery (ViR)™ because I felt there weren’t enough voices speaking about recovery. ViR’s mission is to share voices in recovery and to create a community where those can find and use their voice in their own recovery. ViR is about sharing, learning, and finding support. What does recovery look like? What does recovery feel like? What are the struggles? What are the achievements? Often I am asked how long I have been in recovery, what struggles have I faced, is this normal, is this relapse, etc. My hope is to be A voice but not THE voice. I am one of many. I strive to help people, but I also want us to be a community, a team, people seeking understanding, support, without judgment in the individual process. ViR’s mission and focus is on PAIR™ (Prevention, Awareness, Intervention, and Recovery). I strive to bring awareness about body image concerns, health, media literacy, body diversity, and self acceptance. I support Health at Every Size (HAES), and diversity in fashion. I strive to help others learn to love and accept who they are. Recovery IS possible!

I want to help people. Whatever path I am taking on in this journey of life, I will find a way to help people who struggle with eating disorders. I am a full time Advocate for Eating Disorder and Body Image Awareness. I have been through a lot with my addictions, and being in recovery is the greatest blessing I have been given in life. It is through recovery, relapse, and recovery again that I have discovered my life path. Advocacy, blogging, tweeting, volunteering, is all a “side” passion to me. I think of it as round the clock work – but ultimately the most rewarding thing in my life.

On a personal side, I am a Scorpio, who is extremely passionate and emotional. I am a strongly opinionated person who is learning to be open to different opinions in the world of advocacy. I think advocacy has been one of my biggest challenges in the last year. I continue to grow as a person through advocacy. I love traveling, and hope to one day travel around the world. I love road trips, good books, baths, listening to music, journaling, making jewelry, and sitting by bodies of water to relax.

In the end, I am goofy, shy to new people, but once I get to know a person, I open up and won’t stop talking! I am a loyal friend, and am grateful for social media because I have gained friends I never would have foreseen in my life. Some of my closest friends I have met through Twitter and Facebook, and am so humbled by the support they give me on a daily basis.

Please feel free to contact me: VoiceinRecovery@gmail.com

Find ViR on Facebook as well!!!! http://www.facebook.com/AVoiceinRecovery