Mission of Voice in Recovery

My mission is to be a voice in recovery. To create a place where those can find and use their voice in their own recovery. This is about sharing, learning, finding support. What does recovery look like to you? What does recovery feel like? What are the struggles? What are the achievements? Lets create a place where we can talk about what recovery is. Often I am asked how long I have been in recovery, what struggles have i faced, is this normal, is this relapse, etc.

I want this to be a safe place to not only create advocacy and awareness for eating disorders in all forms, but for those to share with me and the world their personal experience with recovery.

My hope is to be a VOICE but not the voice. I am one of many. I strive to help people, but I also want us to be a community, a team, people seeking understanding, support, without judgment in the individual process.

I hope you can join me and this movement – to share with the world your VOICE. So often in the disorder, we lose our voice, and are overloaded by another voice, whether that be ED, the “should,” the “perfection” voice – it is time to break free and find your own voice.

I believe within everyone is the ability to recover. This is a place of hope. I believe each individual can find their own individual answers. With support, therapy, family, friends, and utilizing new treatments modalities we can fight these disorders.

I believe there are many pathways to recovery. There is no RIGHT way for any person. There are several treatment modalities that can be implemented. I know many who have had great success with Art Therapy, yoga, dance, CBT, DBT, biofeedback, hypnosis, holistic methods, etc. There is no one way to recovery. Often trying two or more treatment modalities concurrently with therapy can be helpful. I am not a therapist, but I think the path is up to us to take. We are the driver in our recovery. There is no limit to what we can try to help us recovery. Again, there is no right or wrong way in the recovery process.

You are not alone. Welcome to my little world of recovery. I hope you find people here that can support you, and you feel like you are heard, listened to, and ultimately find and use your own voice.