Making Amends: A Self love Letter

Todays post is a new self love letter for the Stop Self Hate April Challenge. I want to thank Salanna for sharing this letter with us! Please be sure to follow Salanna (a wonderful Recovery Warrior!) on Twitter page and check out her blog!

Dear you,

I know I’ve spent countless hours telling you how much no one likes you, and that you’re thoroughly terrible at everything, not to mention ugly, stupid, and worthless.

I also know that none of those things are true. There are a number of people in your life who choose to go out of their way to spend time with you, support you when you need it, talk to you when you have a rough day, or anything else you need. Friends say you are kind, funny, passionate, encouraging, and fun to be around. You really couldn’t possibly be as bad as I tell you that you are if there are that many people who care deeply for you. You are highly intelligent. You’ve been told that since you were little but somehow never managed to believe it. You are by no means ugly. You are unique and beautiful, inside and out. Your body is wonderfully fashioned; it is exactly the vessel you need to accomplish the purpose in life that only you can fulfill.

My dear, I truly wish you would believe me when I tell you of what great worth you are. I wish you could see how precious you are. I wish you could see how carefully and lovingly your Creator intricately fashioned your body.

I am truly sorry for all of the time I’ve spent abusing you, both emotionally and physically. I vow from here on out to do my best to only speak loving words to you, to let you rest when you need it, to feed you when you’re hungry, and to spend time with people who treat you compassionately. I hope that in time you’ll come to believe the loving things I tell you just as strongly as you currently believe the lies.

With love,


Thank you so much Salanna for writing this beautiful love letter!!!

Want to write a Self Love Letter during the April Challenge?

Read here and let me know!



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  1. Sheri
    April 15, 2011 | 9:29 pm

    Beautiful post.
    Sheri recently posted..Buddy Can You Spare Some Change

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